ZCCA Judged Car Show at Westin Prince Hotel

MasterSlides1The Z Car Club Association car show rules will be utilized for the judged car show.  If you have not attended a previous Z Car Convention, it is recommended that you read the  ZCCA Judging Rules document which will help explain categories and judging criteria.

Z-FEST People's Choice Car Show at Bruce's Mill

MasterSlides6Z-FEST Car show is a 22 year running annual Car show organized by the Ontario Z Car Club. With this year's ZCON activities we have incorporated our club's annual show as the people's choice car show. Each registered participant receives a voting ballot to tally up their “Choice” for each generation of Z car. Please make note of the categories of the show which may be different from previous people's car shows.

    • S30 STOCK - 1st Generation (240Z/260Z/280Z)
    • S130 STOCK- 2nd Generation (280ZX)
    • Z31 STOCK- 3rd Generation (300ZX)
    • Z32 STOCK- 4th Generation (300ZX)
    • Z33 STOCK- 5th Generation (350Z)
    • Z34 STOCK- 6th Generation (370Z)
    • Other Nissans STOCK
    • Infiniti (ALL MODELS)
    • S30 MODIFIED - 1st Generation (240Z/260Z/280Z)
    • S130 MODIFIED - 2nd Generation (280ZX)
    • Z31 MODIFIED - 3rd Generation (300ZX)
    • Z32 MODIFIED - 4th Generation (300ZX)
    • Z33 MODIFIED - 5th Generation (350Z)
    • Z34 MODIFIED - 6th Generation (370Z)
    • Other Nissans MODIFIED


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